FW 7 – 820 a 32″ Inspection Slitter Rewinder, with shaftless unwind; 30″ OD duplex rewind

Flexibility and High Speed Finishing

Large roll handling capacity, precise tension control and high speed defect placement at the editing table allow one operator to Inspect, Edit, Slit and Rewind, a variety of flexible packaging substrates, in on efficient step. in addition, the shaftless unwind, horizontal viewing and editing station, combined with the automated roll pusher and unloader, make the F series rewinder a productive addition to any finishing department.

Razor Slitter cartridge, or rotary shear cartridge, also available as a 2-in-1 option (Razor/Shear in one cartridge)
Retrofittable for Class 1(90mm diameter) or Class 11 (150mm diameter) type rotary shear knife holder cartridge


  • Shaftless unwind with roll lifter for up to 40″ OD rolls
    Inspection area for strobe or vision system
    Overhead waste rewind, 14″ OD capacity
    Automatic web guide for edge guiding
    High speed, low inertia idler rollers
    Razor slitter cartridge into brush roller; OR
    Rotary Shear slitter cartridge
    Cartridges are interchangeable
    OR 2-in-1 razor/rotary shear cartridge
    Layon rollers for winding in gap or contact mode
    30″ cantilevered duplex rewind with front supports
    3″ flange mounted rewind shafts with 6″ adapters
    Splicing and editing tables (2), vacuum clamping
    Remote diagnostics via ethernet

Optional Features:

  • 100 % Automatic vision system integration
    Higher performance razor and rotary shear slitter cartridges
    Trim exhaust for gutter and edge removal
    Laser core positioning at duplex rewind
    Differential rewind shafts
    Semi-automatic roll pusher and unloader